Residential Septic Tank Pumping in Ludlow, Massachusetts

Prevent costly backups and repair costs with routine septic tank pumping from Clean Septics in Ludlow, Massachusetts. We recommend having your tank cleaned out regularly to ensure it runs efficiently.

The Importance of Routine Service

A residential septic system provides wastewater treatment when a home has no access to a public sewer. Septic systems are expensive and important to a home's infrastructure. They are located underground and hidden, which means they are easily forgotten.

Utilizing our skill and experience in the industry, we diligently work on pumping your tank properly. We remove all the sludge from the bottom of the tank and all the scum that floats to the top. If you don't have the septic tank pumped routinely, you could end up with clogged drains, system backups, and an expensive, unforeseen cost to replace it.
Septic - Septic Service in Ludlow, M.A

Frequency of Maintenance

The number of occupants in your home, the age of your septic system, and the size of your tank all come into account when determining how often to pump your septic tank. While every household is different, we recommend having this service performed every two years.

Some people should pump annually, especially if there are five or more people living in the household. Be sure to ask one of our technicians about your specific household to ensure that you're on the right path towards preventative maintenance.

A title V inspection is required before the sale of any home in Massachusetts. Clean Septics has performed over 6,000 inspections since 1995, because we do neat and honest work. We work well with Realtors, Board of Health members, and homeowners state wide. If you fail an inspection we can guide you through a step by step approach to repairing any issues. We can replace D-Boxes, Install Tanks, and repair leachfields. Clean Septics has been serving homeowners for over 50 years and we work with the biggest names in the real estate market today. Our certified Inspectors are some of the best in the business. We are very professional and keep your yard neat and clean because we know it is essential when selling your home. We use top rate equipment to ensure a professional inspection. So give us a call. Most homeowners and realtors have a lot of questions about Title V so call us anytime and we will be happy to answer any questions. Installation and Repairs.

Do's & Don't

Septic System Do's:
  • Pump your tank regularly
  • Use bacteria/additives monthly
  • Install riser's on manholes
  • Install outlet filters and clean annually
  • Get an assessment
  • Rejuvenate your leachfield
  • Spread out laundry loads throughout the week instead of all in one day
  • Have a drawing or diagram. A plan of your system and its components
  • Prevent trees and large roots from growing over your leach field
  • Use Clean-Septics Inc. as your local septic company
Septic System Don't
  • Don't use septic safe toilet paper. This toilet paper is misleading and it breaks down so much it liquefies and escapes your tank clogging the drain field
  • Don't overload the system with a lot of water
  • Don't use a garbage disposal, remove it
  • Don't dispose of grease or rinse plates off into the kitchen sink
  • Don't have your sump pump connected to your septic system
  • Don't drive heavy equipment over your leach field
  • Don't build decks or house structures over your septic tank and system
  • Don't neglect your system, get it pumped out regularly
  • Don't wait until you have a problem, be proactive and take care of your system by calling Clean Septics
  • Don't flush condoms or tampons down the toilet. don't flush anything down your toilet that can clog your pipes

5 Steps for Maintaining a Healthy System

  • PUMP YOUR TANK sludge that accumulates in the bottom of the tank and grease fats floating to the top forming the scum layer must be pumped out on a regular basis. There is no additive that you can put in the tank that will deal with sludge and solids. It Must be pumped out! If its not pumped out, the solids will clog the system over time. It is an enormous expense and inconvenience, so don't forget to call Clean Septics and schedule a pump

  • USE BACTERIA ADDITIVES bacteria additives can keep a septic system healthy by performing the first phase of treatment to breakdown solid matter. Bacteria is necessary for solids digestion. If bacteria killing products are used in the home, as they usually are, the bacteria should be replenished. If the bacteria level is too low, the solids may not be digested properly. The solids can build up too much and overflow into the soil absorption system area. Your professional contractor at Clean Septics are equipped to clean, service, and provide the homeowner with the best bacteria products on the market. CCLS liquid bacteria contains enzymes to break down the solids in your septic system, including grease and toilet paper. CCLS also flows into your leachfield digesting all the particles or carryover that have escaped your septic tank.

  • Install Outlet Filter and Riser's outlet filters are very helpful not allowing carryover to escaped and enter your leachfield. The filter can slide into the outlet baffle and can be easily washed every time you pump your septic tank. Homeowners should install riser's on the outlet if they have a filter so they can access it at any time of the year to clean it. Filters clog up because they are doing what they are designed to do. Call or ask your Clean Septics technician and we can install a riser and outlet filter.

  • GET AN ASSESSMENT an assessment is basically a Title V without the paperwork. We can dig up your Septic Tank and check it for its structural integrity. Also we will unearth the D-Box and check the liquid levels inside of the box. The liquid levels should be at the bottom of the inverts going out. If the water level is higher than those outlet pipes in the box than the system would be in failure. An assessment is a good idea if you just moved into a household and don't know anything about the septic system or the previous owners maintenance schedule.

  • SEPTIC REJUVENATION A high powered water jetter is used to clean out all the leach lines and pump out the scum from the D-Box. After jetting each line thoroughly and removing all the carryover that has built up over years, we use SEPTIC SCRUB and BIO-REM-ED the two combined works like a charm and extends the life of that system. We highly recommend this be done on a system that is over 15-20 years of age.

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