Thorough Drain Cleaning in Ludlow, Massachusetts

Keep the plumbing and septic systems in your home flowing freely with drain cleaning from Clean Septics in Ludlow, Massachusetts. We also offer effective septic rejuvenation services for old systems.

Drain Cleaning

Whether you have a septic tank or are connected to the public sewer system, we provide drain cleaning and unclogging for your home or business. Our expert crews can snake out or jet any drain. We use a state-of-the-art video camera to determine the cause of the problem, such as tree roots or grease buildup.

For septic tanks, we dig up the inlet baffle to unclog buildup at the point of entry. With public sewers, we run our snake device all the way to the sewer main to clear out your drain.

Septic Rejuvenation

Extend the life of your septic system with our rejuvenation services. We start the rejuvenation process by using high-pressure water jetting to clean out the lines of your leach and drain field. After we wash all the scum and carryover out of the lines, we use Septic Scrub and BIO-REM E-D treatments.

The combination of these two additives helps restore your old system and can give it a much longer life. While this process will not help you pass a Title V inspection or restore a completely failed system, it is a great idea to implement if you are unable to replace your old septic system for the time being.

Contact us in Ludlow, Massachusetts, to discuss the benefits of septic rejuvenation.